Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The More the Merrier

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been going through my tablecloths. I've never done that before -- usually, I just slip my most recent acquisition into a pile of similarly coloured cloths. To be honest, I often use the same ones, over and over again, because they're at the top and easily accessible. Now, I'm taking a good look, and I've come across a few look alikes:

One is good:

Vintage Tablecloth Poppies
Three are better:

Vintage Tablecloths Poppies

Or in this case:

Floral Vintage Tablecloth
Five are better:

Floral Vintage Tablecloths
They must have been popular patterns, reproduced on different fabrics and in different sizes. I remember asking my mom to keep an eye out for tablecloths with poppies because I do like the pattern. It looks like we were successful in finding a few (for a closer look, click on photo).

Monday, June 28, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I'm always hopeful when I find a bag of buttons at a thrift store, and have seldom been disappointed. But a recent purchase, at Value Village, landed me with an assortment of perfectly new buttons.

There may be a few gems in there, but for now, I've tossed them into a jar with the other dull, but potentially useful, buttons:

Glass Button Jar

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage 70's

Vintage Retro
I probably owned many things in the 1970's, yet these are the things I chose to keep. Amazing. I have no memory of owning the Happy Face blow up, the 'Love' ring or the necklace (click on photo to enlarge). I suppose I kept them because they didn't take up much storage space. I do remember getting the miniature playing cards, in my Christmas stocking, when I was about ten -- perfect for tiny hands. The red, white and blue suspenders belonged to a boyfriend, although I find it hard to believe I ever dated someone who wore them.

1970's Plastic Novelty Toy
My mom gave me the little yellow toy (this was long before video or computer games). With a shake of one's hand, the chain shifts, giving the woman a different silhouette each time. Hours of fun.

1970's Black Leather Platform Wedgies Shoes
Now, those platform wedgies (4") -- I loved them. At only 5 feet, I believed the designer gods had finally taken pity on me. In the mid-seventies, when I was sixteen, my dad bought the shoes for me from Master John on Yonge Street, in Toronto. They cost $75 -- a lot of money back then (and now, come to think of it). Thanks, Dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I've A Notion

Vintage Sewing Notions
Although I don't collect vintage sewing notions, a few do come my way (click on photo to enlarge). I almost convince myself that I'll add them to a project, but like much of everything else I have stored away (other than tablecloths), I hate to use them -- because once you do, they're gone. I really should resolve to use everything before I die, or at least, give it away -- I wouldn't want my husband or daughter to have to deal with all this stuff. The cowboy fabric was a cool find, but I haven't the slightest idea what I'll do with it because I don't sew. Hmm ... writing this blog has made me realize that I should focus on just a few collections, instead of this "if it's vintage, I'll take it" attitude.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away

Kodachrome photo slides
A few weeks ago, I scored 250 Kodachrome Transparencies (AKA photo slides) at Value Village for about $6.00. Inside the boxes, the numbered slides were still in order and wrapped in crisp paper, looking as though they'd never seen the inside of a projector. Dating from 1962 and 1968, they feature Christmas dinners, a parade, and holidays at the Grand Canyon and Expo 67 in Montreal. One box includes slides of "Ruth Ann in Dressing Room" as she prepares for what looks like a ballet performance.

I'm fascinated by these slides, and somewhat saddened that they were so easily given the boot. I'd like to think that someone took the time to have them transferred to digital, keeping the memories of their family alive. So, considering I have no emotional investment ... what am I going to do with them? When I purchased them, I thought I'd use the mounts for paper crafts or collage, but I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, and after viewing the Expo 67 pics, I pulled out the souvenir I'd purchased at the fair (when I was 10 years old). The tray is a little tattered and rusty, but then, so am I.

Expo 67 Tray

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vintage Blues

Blue vintage tablecloths
Confession: my weakness is vintage tablecloths. I just counted them for this post, and discovered I have 150 in my collection -- many of which were purchased, for me, by my mom. I don't think we've ever spent more than $5.00 for a single one (usually about $3.00), yet most of the them are in great condition. When I spot a tablecloth in a thrift store, I won't turn my nose up at a few holes or frayed edges because that's proof the linens were well-loved by someone in the past. My own family has added some colourful gravy and tomato sauce stains to a couple of them, and that's okay -- each spot is a memory of good times spent together. In the past, my daughter (now 16) has spent hours ironing them for me. No child labour here -- I do pay her, but she seems to find the whole exercise somewhat relaxing. The arrangement is perfect because, let's face it, ironing is painful.

I gathered together some of my blue tablecloths for this photo. I suppose, with 150 in my collection, I'll be featuring more in the future.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Button Tin Treasures

Vintage glass buttons
A few years ago, my mom gave me her wonderful stash of old buttons -- the same buttons I would endlessly sort through when I was young. These are a handful of some of the glass, china and other pretties from her tins, as well as a couple of second hand store finds (click on photo to enlarge).