Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Biscuits and Cigarettes

Vintage Tins
I don't consider myself a collector of vintage tins, but these cigarette and biscuit tins appealed to me. When I purchased the Players tins a few years ago, I thought they'd be perfect containers for holding all sorts of goodies in a vintage swap. Unfortunately, I've not yet registered for a swap -- it's on my list of things to do.

Vintage Cigarette Tins
I'm especially fond of the Black Cat tins because I have a black cat (though she doesn't smoke). Written on the inside of the lid: Extra Mild Quality Superfine. Black Cat Cigarettes are Guaranteed made entirely from 100% pure mild unadulterated Virginia Leaf. Naturally Matured. Carreras Limited Famous for Fine Quality Since 1788. Fact No. 6, Made in Canada, Port 13D.

Vintage Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Tin
This sweet tin once held biscuits from Huntley and Palmers -- famous for their uniquely shaped containers. This one is called the Worcester Caddy and was manufactured in 1959. Go here to read more about the company and its tins. If you're interested in collecting Huntley and Palmers, their tins are well-marked (click on photo to enlarge):

Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Tin Manufacturers Marks

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